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What I’ve been up to this week

I’m in Brazil right now –  even tho it’s about to come to an end, the flight back home being scheduled tomorrow.
Out of the 2 weeks spent there, this one especially has been enriching, as we’ve spent 3 days hiking in the Lançois desert. We would wake up around 4:30/5am then spend 4/5 hours hiking barefoot in the sand before it got too late for us to stand the heat. Dunes, clear lagoons, wind. Napping in hammocks, drawing in sketchbooks, reading. Soaking up in happiness. For these few days at least, nothing else seemed to matter.




We couldn’t have cared less about our looks. We had salty, straw hair from the constant wind and the sand sneaking up everywhere – quite sure I still have some in my ears to this day. We didn’t wear any makeup. We were living in swimming suits. It was refreshing to go a few days without any mirrors in sight.



But it was also a nice, much-needed break from the connected world, even tho I’d lie if I said I wasn’t happy to go back to having wifi once the trek was over. As I’m typing this, I’m to sleep in a hammock. My notebook was too far for me to reach without waking up the whole farm, so I ended up grabbing my phone instead. Even though the lighting on my phone was set to minimum, my eyes still were dazzled by the screen, as I hadn’t picked it up in a few days. I couldn’t sleep but for the first time in a long time, my mind was wandering/I had ideas to write down before they faded away in my sleep. And so I’m just there, typing, thinking, typing, contemplating the sky. I had never seen it from the Southern hemisphere before, and to say the least, the light pollution…is nothing like the one in Paris. It’s as if I was in a planetarium – I wish I could show you a proper picture.

Rose, bud, thorn

Rose – I’ve talked about this in my latest post, but lately, I’ve been trying to improve my drawing skills. I have 8 of them so far. Of course, I still have a long way to go, to say the least – my sketches look nothing like their reference – but I’ve noticed clear distinctions even between drawing 1 and drawing 8, which clearly made me content. If any of you would like to see it, I’ll certainly post of video of my drawings on my Instagram when I’m done with my sketchbook! 


Bud – I’m so so so excited for that’s to come! I still have 1 month of holidays before school (in my dream school) starts. I’m feeling inspired, but for once, not in an overwhelming way.

 joseromussi_art-05 // ooh but what about stitching / doing something over a portrait to represent current issues #FredericClad

Thorn – Feeling homesick, over driving, struggling with self-esteem. But it’s a work in progress.

This is a trial post – I’d like to make this kind of article a weekly occurrence, so I’ll probably add more categories later. Tell me what you thought! xo

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What summer is to you

Between exams, drama at school, the heat, and constant tiredness, the last few weeks have been quite hectic for me – to say the least. I still can’t fully wrap my head around the fact that I’m forever done with school as I know it! But ultimately, school being over means summer is officially starting!

Summer is far from being my favorite season. I’m more of a « transition » seasons type of gal: I love autumn and spring. Summer gets too hot, I never tan, my eyelashes and brows disappear (even tho they barely existed in the first place). But somewhere along the way, I just realized summer doesn’t have to be that bad – so here are little things that have been making summer great for now.


After exams ended, I finally got to spend time with friends. And curiously, ending school made me love spending more time with them. Exit, toxic, judgemental, mean people. Felt good to make memories with people I felt comfortable with. We went to festivals, to parties, to the swimming pool, had dinner on  the rooftop, tried to survive the heat together (and ended up almost all falling asleep in front of the tv at 2pm), we failed at getting a tan and couldn’t stop laughing at how red we looked when we got back home. It’s moment like these I associate with summer.



I’ve always been weird with notebooks. I’d buy lots of them (unable to resist when I’d see a cute one) and would leave them unopened and untouched for the longest time, sitting in my closet. But lately, I’ve started using these still-blank notebooks, for everything. I use one as a bullet journal, another one as a way to keep track of my health, food intake and mood, and others as art journals. I write down my goals, ideas, wishes, plans. It feels nice to write everything down, it’s a nice way to have a clear idea of what’s to come.



Summer is when the days are getting longer, when my mind is getting lighter,  nights are getting warmer, and so are the colors of the sunset! That’s the view from my apartment. I had never realized how mesmerizing it could actually be…I love discovering unexpected beauty in places that don’t really usually stand out, places I pass by every day. And I’ve been spending a lot of time by my window or on the rooftop contemplating those lights.


2 min laters

These photos were literally taken five minutes apart.

Finally taking time to declutter

Throwing away all my school notes I had accumulated over the years was therapeutic, to be honest. It marked the beginning of a long sorting process, using the Konmari method. Even though I have yet to sell all my old clothes, it enables me to make a better use of my space. I have so many ideas to make over my room. But for now, all I’ve made over is my ACNL room…To be continued.

Looking forward to sharing more content with you! I hope y’all have the nicest summer! What makes it great for you?



p-s: don’t be a stranger!

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I’m writing this from the comfort of my bed – finally!! It’s past 2 am and I just studied for my economics exam tomorrow. I’ve been doing this for a week, I’m exhausted and can’t wait for finals to end! I just wanted to post a short, kinda useless update on here before I start posting real articles

1 – Life’s been pretty busy lately – exams, orientation, planning trips,…

2 – I really want to make something of this blog. Now that exams are about to end, I’m finally gonna be on holidays, and I plan on really be dedicated to creating new content (I finally bought Photoshop it made me so happy!!!). I’ve been especially thinking about what direction I want to blog to take, what I wanna create – I’m such at a turning point in my life and feel like I’m overwhelmed with inspiration and opportunities to take so I’m trying to make this into something tangible!

3 –  The first step towards this was to create an IG for the blog, so I finally made it! I really wanted to make myself a safe place where I could be my own self 🌻 I don’t know exactly what I’ll post but I’ll try to keep it interesting!

heartpeaches – it would be real cool if you’d check it out 🐕🐕🐕


See you real soon,


Weekend getaway

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May, 25th

7:24 I’m waking up in my friend’s bed. My head is still spinning for the night before and I look a mess. I hand her a bottle of water, draw the curtains close, grab the rest of my clothes, wave her goodbye and leave.

9:53 After I got enough to sleep to properly function, I proceed to work on one of the six « art » pieces I have to prepare for an exam next week. I can’t get anything to look like I want to but the sunlight feels warm on my skin and painting is soothing.


17:28 I get on the train that’s gonna bring me to the South-West coast of France. Both my phone and computer’s battery ran out, so I spend this time planning everything I have to do by next week in my journal. It really helps me take my mind off things for a while – I’ve been constantly stressing out lately but writing it out makes getting things done seems less out of reach than it did before.

May, 26th

8:26 I’m woken up by the sound of voices outside. I’m late! I quickly grab some shorts, a bralette and a random t-shirt and I’m off to yoga. It’s been so long since I’ve walked on a beach, and every step I take, I sink in the soft and warm sand. I’ve missed it so much.

9:00 The yoga class takes place on a small esplanade near the beach. It’s almost my first time going to a class and I’m praying it won’t be too difficult because if I’m honest,  I terribly lack flexibility. But as I follow the voice of the instructor, I progressively relax and begin to enjoy the moment. The birds are chirping, the morning sunlight caresses my skin, and I can hear the ocean from here. Everything feels comforting.

giphy (5).gif

10:03 After yoga class, we have breakfast at a small local place. The world is waking, people start filling the places around us. I get to eat my first peach of the season, a fruit also known as my favorite food on earth (hence my blog name).

5:17 We spend the rest of the evening on the beach. I’m in love with these waves, I’m in love with the changing lights. I try (and fail) to capture the beauty of it, but I stay a good hour just contemplating, and swimming.

giphy-downsized-large (1)

May 27th

12:03 The surf shop is a small wooden cabana near the beach. My dad’s friend hands me a wetting suit, still salty from yesterday. I grab a longboard, rest it on my head, and proceed to walk from the cabana to the water. It’s low tide. My arms hurt there’s nothing I’d exchange to be somewhere else.

The conditions aren’t the best to surf today, but, and it’s so weird saying that, I feel the urge to swim. To stay in the water, to drift with the current. To feel the waves roll up under me before pounding on the sand. I stay there for a while.

16:29 I’m working of another of the 6 art projects due next week…it’s all coming along but so much’s left to do…


19:51 My parents’ friends’ daughter (yes) teaches me how to perform a cartwheel. It’s one of those basic things I never really learned to do, like diving.

After a lot of laughing, a lot of ridiculous falling and especially a lot of side glances, I finally perform something that resembles a cartwheel. Or at least, let’s say, my version of it.


Looking back, I can see these posts aren’t the most interesting, but in a way they are little reminders of moments I cherish. See you soon,


For the 2017 me to remember

A few months ago, on the train that brought me back to Paris from Brussels on Christmas, I wrote down a few of my resolutions for the year to come, not really thinking I would ever read it again.

But recently, as I was looking through my Google Drive documents to retrieve my notes so I could revise for my exams, I stumbled upon it – and truth be told, I was surprised how accurate it still was for me…

Here’s a letter full of reminders – from me, to me and to whoever reads this.

Do everything you engage in with passion

Like, literally. One of your main weaknesses is how you tend to give up so easily and replace it with something new instead.  Make a blog? Keep it, even if you’re not “famous” just yet and you’re the only one reading it. That’s just fine…Start a journal? Keep writing in it, even if it means writing only a line a day sometimes. Talk to people? Don’t leave them on « read », don’t avoid them, go further! Want to have a life? Move the f*ck out your bed…just remember there’s only one way to improve, at anything, and that’s to keep going.


Remember this: « you can’t dance with the devil and wonder why you’re in hell ». Read this how you want, but for me, it’s such a meaningful reminder : you can’t wonder why you’re not getting any better at drawing if you never practice, you can’t wonder why you’re not invited to this party if you barely talk to the person organizing it, you can’t wonder why you’re not healthy when all you eat is junk food…The list goes on.

Plan ahead 

IMG_1471Use the 3 planners you bought and never used. By being organized, you’ll stay on top of things, and that’s the way you go. Oh, and also, when you have things to get done, get to it right after you get back from school. We both know this « 5 min-phone break » will last 5 hrs, and you’ll emerge from the sleepy state you’re in too late wondering if looking at dog videos all this time that really worth it.

Use your free time wisely, to improve at useful things. Instagram can wait, seriously. What benefits do you get from seeing your friends’ life on social media? Picture a whimsical world where you use your free time wisely: learn a new language, draw (a lot!!!), listen to new music while reading on your couch, learn to play the guitar (seriously), experiment with photography, learn new things (about artists, what’s happening in the world, cultural references,…). Do things your future self will thank you for.

Do something about what you look like

HUEB0205Part of you needs to accept how you look like. No, you won’t get any surgical intervention later in life. But it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to alter how you look like. And god knows there are so many things you can do! Keep going to the gym, and stop being on your phone when you’re there, do it seriously. Try and learn to cook new recipes! Bring your own food to school, instead of going to McDonald’s. Drink some water!!!! I can’t stress this enough, it benefits your health, your skin, your soul. Do some research and how to loose that freakin’ double chin, and maybe find something that finally works for you to whiten your teeth. A sane mind in a sane body.

(shout out to myself for this one because I actually really started doing this and I’m feeling. so. much. better)

Use your phone less often

It. Can. Wait. I’m only now realizing how much time I’m losing by being on my phone so often. I mean, when traveling, enjoy instead of being eager to be back to the hotel so you can post on social media. When you’re with people, get off your phone and talk with them!!! Also, distance yourself from social media once in a while. Stop comparing yourself to others, how many likes they got, how perfect their lives look, how successful they seem to be (most of the time it’s not even half as perfect as it appears to be)…Trust me, it’s a much-needed breath of fresh air.

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And you, what about you? Do you have any self-reminders? I’d love to hear about them! Much love,