An Introduction Post


Exciting news, guys. The articles on Heartpeaches are about to get way more interesting. Meet Anna, who will, from now on, be involved in the blog as the illustrator.

– I hope my handwriting won’t be too much of a hassle to decipher
– Low quality, man, low quality all the way – I’m still struggling with Photoshop…so, my apologies for that

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If We Were Having Coffee

 Last week, while I was searching for new blogs, I stumbled upon Jamie‘s site and especially loved one of her articles: If We Were Having Coffee. I found it was such a nice way to get in touch with you guys, to catch up a little!


So, here I am. Sitting on the floor of the terminal at the airport, wearing my comfiest clothes and drinking an overpriced café lattè I grabbed at Eric Kayser. What’s your drinking choice?


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Short Blog Update

This is a totally impromptu post to let you know of the changes that were recently made to HeartPeaches. Step by step, my goal is to try and make this blog a more structured, calming and genuine place.stars01.
In a bid to simplify navigation on my blog, I organized the hot mess that was my category list – it should now be way easier to find what you’re looking for on the blog! (Oh, and I also added a search bar)stars02.
From now on, exceptions set aside (like this post), I’ll be uploading on every Wednesday. Depending on my schedule (I’m starting school on the 11th of September), I’ll try and manage to make Notes from my week a weekly occurrence, which would be uploaded on Mondays.stars03.
Another thing I added to the blog is a Contact page. I’m not sure this will be its final version, but the main info is here: you can now send me emails at!
Also, as stated on the page, my Instagram + Tumblr inboxes are always open if you need anything! I’ll be using these platforms to notify people when new blog posts are uploaded on the blog xostars
I’ve been pondering on whether or not I should delete my site, for a good while now – there are times where the uselessness of my blog just becomes evident to me, and when I have to restrain myself from deleting everything I created. During these times, it just feels like I’m shouting into the void, ya know?
But guys, I don’t remember the last time I was this genuinely happy and wholeheartedly living life. And I finally made up my mind: deleting HeartPeaches, at least for now, is clearly off the table.

 Thank you to the few of you that read my blog, thank you for you 47 followers – you guys are what keeps me going xo

See you soon! Love,
Croquis noir

ps: I’d like to point out that I’m very much still a beginner to this. If you ever have remarks/constructive criticism to share, please feel free to do so! I’d genuinely appreciate your input xoxo

Inside: my bag

8:52pm. On a quiet Tuesday night, somewhere in Southern France. A warm but never-ending, boring day is finally coming to an end. I love when these golden yellow lights fill up the sky. I’m still outside, it feels nice. I’m playing with a camera I finally saved enough money to buy, and I’m looking for things to photograph. There’s no one here.

A blog post detailing what’s in my bag has long been in my drafts, but I never actually never got around to writing it. WHy not now?

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01. Notes from my week

To listen while reading:

What I’ve been up to this week

I’m in Brazil right now –  even tho it’s about to come to an end, the flight back home being scheduled tomorrow.
Out of the 2 weeks spent there, this one especially has been enriching, as we’ve spent 3 days hiking in the Lançois desert. We would wake up around 4:30/5am then spend 4/5 hours hiking barefoot in the sand before it got too late for us to stand the heat. Dunes, clear lagoons, wind. Napping in hammocks, drawing in sketchbooks, reading. Soaking up in happiness. For these few days at least, nothing else seemed to matter.

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